Sometimes you fell in love with someone but do not know the previous history of that person, it is highly recommended that you should check public records on people and perform background check. There are several ways to find out this information but in order to find accurate results one needs to do some research. You can also consult with your family members or business associates so if they have used any resource, then you can also take their services instated of experimenting with a new one.

In the past people used to hire private detectives to find public records on people. Usually these detectives work on hourly pay and people faced a lot of problems while paying huge amounts for this little investigation. Now there is no need to hire them as there are many online how to find public records resources that can be used for this purpose.

The most important tip to find public records is to use directories like yellow or white pages online. You can search by using the name of person as a keyword and several results will be appeared. Now based upon your self assessment you can choose appropriate people and find out the exact one. The second most important way is to use search engine. All you need is to type the name and city of person and hit enter. Various pages containing related results will be appeared and now you can choose any appropriate resource to get accurate results.

The third most important way is to find records on social networking websites where you can find out marriage status, date of birth, education and employment history of a person and much more. The fourth way to get this information is to use county clerk office website where you can find divorce and marriage licenses, death records, property information and any legal cases on a person. You need disclose your identification for security purposes.

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