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‘DiRT 4’ Review: Diverse And Fun With Moderate Imperfections

Codemasters has delivered gamers a solid group of racing franchises. Grid, F1, and Dirt are the best of the crop. The latter released its newest version on Tuesday and it’s called Dirt 4.

It’s the follow-up to Dirt Rally which was highly regarded among critics.

In general, I’ve found the Dirt games enjoyable, thus my expectations were high heading into the evaluation period. After playing the game for more than a week and logging a large number of offline races and a handful of online competitions, the verdict is a positive one for Dirt 4.

Decent Cars, Great Dirt

There are over 50 vehicles available in Dirt 4 and most of them are rendered nicely. However, we’ve become spoiled by vehicular beauty in games like Forza Horizon and Gran Turismo and the cars in Dirt 4 just aren’t as detailed or delivered with the same finish.

That said, we’re not talking eyesores here. A gamer who is really into off-road vehicles will likely recognize the cars, trucks, and buggies included in Dirt 4, and at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing in this area of the game.

There’s no concession needed when it comes to the terrain. Whether it’s dirt, smooth pavement or gravel, the surfaces look authentic. The terrain doesn’t just look good, it sounds and reacts differently depending on the texture and the type of vehicle you’re driving. Races or runs in areas with any level of precipitation look especially cool.

Seeing the water splash up on your virtual screen or spinning away from the tires of your vehicle looks messy and that’s exactly how it should look.

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It’s Fun to Drive

There’s a sim or more arcade control scheme. When you first start the game, it will assess your skill and make a recommendation, but you ultimately pick which one is best for you.

While the vehicles are all of the off-road variety, there’s still a diverse group to choose from initially and more that you can purchase as you earn credits throughout your play. The vehicle types are divided into four major categories: rally, land rush, rallycross and historic rally.

There are a good number of sub-categories that spawn from there. The vehicles handle differently and each of them brings their own challenges and perks. The Land Rush vehicles are my favorite. For some reason, they epitomize what I associate with this style of racing. I also like the multi-car races better than the rally events where you compete to record the best time.

That’s a preference, but every style of racing in Dirt 4 is fun.

The Sound is Slicker Than The Window Dressing

One of the few areas of Dirt 4 that I’ll criticize is the visual presentation (overlays, menus, etc) and its lack of personality. I was a little surprised to see such a bland set of menus and overlays between races and during credit allocations.

Grid always excelled in this area and games like Forza Horizon have upped the ante with exciting monoliths to grab our attention and inform us. This is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, but Dirt 4 is too good of a game under the hood to leave out these smaller details.

I’m also missing a little personality. I’ve complained about this in almost every racing game released–with the exception of Forza Horizon–but I believe there’s more that can be done to connect the gamer to their driver and team.

As it stands, the voice in Dirt 4 comes from the instructions from your crew chiefs and such, but it’s mostly dry commands that are helpful–especially in rally events–but not all that entertaining.

On the positive side, the soundtrack is stellar. “Monster” by Jacob Banks came on during the first 10 minutes of gameplay and the great racing music just kept coming after that. This is one of the best playlists I’ve heard in a video game in a long time.

Deep Racing

I mentioned the vehicles at your disposal, but there are also five rally locations, and the course generating option creates almost unlimited variety. This almost makes up for the lack of a course creator. The customization on a whole is a little too cookie-cutter for my tastes, but it’s not the most barebones example I’ve seen.

Once you start a team by purchasing a car you can customize the vehicle with a design and the decals of the sponsors you’ve acquired. It would be nice to have the same level of customization available in Dirt 4 that you get in Forza, but as it is, it’s still rewarding to see your vehicle decked out with your in-game brand.

Landrush events are great for quick races in buggies, karts, and the truck competitions. You can have some intense battles in these races–especially online. Speaking of which, my online experience was very stable, though there were some long waits between stages. However, once the races began, they were lag-free and those were the most fun in-game experiences I had.

As usual, there’s no way to know if this level of stability will be maintained once the masses are online. From what I can report, there were no issues, for what that’s worth at this early stage. Dirt 4 also boasts the next level of Codemasters’ Racenet with live cross-platform leaderboards and tournaments, but I can only speak on those features conceptually.

They were not available pre-launch.

If you’re looking for some alternative fun, the Joyride feature could be up your alley. There are timed smash challenges and free play areas. You can even send challenges to friends. I spent more than an hour in this mode. It’s sneaky addictive.

What isn’t as compelling is the Dirt Academy. It’s difficult to craft a tutorial that keeps gamers engaged and this one fails in that regard. If you have the patience, you can learn a lot about how to handle the various situations you’ll encounter behind the wheel, only the process isn’t much fun.

Last but not least, the core of my gameplay experience took place in the career mode. I loved the option to compete across the different disciplines and the ability to gain sponsors. I was also pleased with the pace that you earned credits. It’s not too easy, but not so difficult that it’s discouraging to save your credits for major purchases.

I wish there were more customization options when creating your driver. You can only choose from five different faces. That does nothing to connect me to my character. It doesn’t help that your guy never speaks during the mode. Even with that shortcoming, the grind of playing through the different circuits is entertaining.

As you progress through your seasons, the courses and opponents get a little tougher. You can gauge your level of dominance or struggle through the process. Like me, you may need to bump up the difficulty as you become more comfortable with the controls and the terrain.

Another quality that I appreciated during the career mode was the damage and repair system. Once you’re in an event, the damage to your vehicle carries over from one stage to the next. You have an opportunity to repair the car, but if you incur too much damage to the vehicle, you may not be able to fix every part of it.

This makes your challenge stiffer, but it’s a cool consequence to navigate in the game.


With its strong gameplay, deep feature set and above-average visuals, the good far outweighs the bad with Dirt 4.

If you have been a fan of the Dirt series prior to this release, you’ll be happy with this game. If you’re new to the series but have played other racing games, you’ll likely find some things you like and others you don’t. However, it’s hard to imagine any gamer with a taste for racing titles finding major fault with Dirt 4.

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Camping Experience By Using Waterproof Equipment

Camping is by far, in my opinion, one of the best and most entertaining activities that a man can go through. Whether you are camping alone, with friends or with your partner, there are many ways to fully enjoy and make the most of a camping. To ensure that you have a nice one out there, you want to first waterproof all your equipment.

There is a lot of equipment that you must carry with you when camping ranging from tents, backpacks, shoes, knives, etc. All of this is important on one way or another, but I believe that the most important one by far is your backpack.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to all your other equipment. Other necessary and essential tools will also require a good waterproofing so you can make the most of them. Shoes are also an important equipment that you want to son chong tham san san thuong ensure is dry when it starts to pour down rain.

There is a difference between waterproof and water-resistant equipment that, unfortunately, many people are unaware of. This might lead to many wrong buying decisions and might also disrupt all the fun that you could have while camping.

To be safe and dry at all times, waterproof fabric is the way to do it so. This type of fabric guarantees that you have a complete, sealed equipment that will prevent any water to get in touch with your equipment or with any other item that you want to protect.

Another type of fabric is the one that is called water-resistant fabric. This type of fabric is the one that will help you keep all your equipment and items dry for a while, but that won’t guarantee 100% that they will permanently dry for a long time.

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Are Web Monitoring Tools a Good Choice for Your Online Business?

Thousands of companies around the world rely on the internet on a daily basis to increase revenue, visibility and customers. Many customers only trade online, which means their website needs to be fast, functional and easy.

You may spend a fair amount of money hiring a developer to put your website together, you may even hire a professional writer and website company to manage your SEO for you, but what about the functionality and speed of the site? Who are you going to turn to for this?

There are a host of web monitoring tools available to help you get the most of your online presence. These software packages help you determine the speed in which your website opens different pages. Remember if you have a customer visiting your website looking for a particular service or product, they should be able to navigate between the pages quickly, avoiding the risk of them getting frustrated to moving on to one of your competitors.

The online market is exceptionally competitive. Where companies were competing against a handful of companies in their local area and maybe a couple of hundred in the national area, they are now competing against thousands of other companies in a global market.

This means that you need to take every step possible to ensure you dominate your market; this includes the performance and functionality of your website. The web monitoring software tests the site from various locations to determine its performance; it’s all about customer experience and your need to retain your customers.

When a customer arrives on your site, you want to keep them there. If your site is slow or down more than up, you aren’t going to achieve success using your website.

The web monitoring tools helps you to identify problem areas early on. This program can be used during the development of the website, ensuring that it works to the best performance from the start, ensuring your customers enjoy their online experience, hopefully purchase something from you and help you achieve success.

Web monitoring tools are available from a number of companies to ensure you make the most of your website at all times. The good news for owners and managers is that these programs are easy to use, often placed online and with simple and fast access.

These software options can help your company save money in the long run. If you notice your customer base is declining or your online sales are slowing, you may consider a new website or you may hire a developer to make changes to the site, where you believe the problems lie.

Without accurate information, paying money for these services may make no difference at all. The web monitoring tools constantly monitor the site; looking for problem areas and helping you identify those problems. This means you hire one person to rectify the problem at hand and your site performs again, this can save you a fortune in the long run.

Having a good working website which is easy to navigate, fast to open pages and is online more than it’s down will help you increase your online revenue. Customers who attempt to visit a site which is always slow or always down, won’t recommend the site to friends and family and will not visit the site again.

Web monitoring tools can help you increase your brand visibility by always being online, fast and accurate. The more customers that visit the site, the more popular you will become online. Remember you are now competing globally and the web monitoring tools are a way to help you stay that one step ahead of your competitors.

Literary Analysis

EVERY story has at least two essential elements: a central character and a problem. The problem is of course called the ‘conflict’. Conflict is the collision between two opposing ‘motivations’. The conflict is what drives the story forward and what essentially causes the changes in the main characters. The conflict can be between:

  1. A character and nature – a story of survival against all odds [think 127 Hours]
  2. Two characters – the good guy/bad guy stories [think James Bond]
  3. Two sides of a single character – a decision that must be made, a character flaw that gets one in trouble [think Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket]
  4. A character and society – a person going against the mo thay ban chet assumptions and demands of his or her society [think Titanic]
  5. A character and the supernatural – resisting ghosts and the occult [think True Blood]
  6. A character and technology – the fight against the evils of over-mechanization [think Transformers]
  7. A character and destiny – a human struggle for personal free will despite fate and expectations [think Macbeth]

Types of Characters

In order to be able to discuss the characters in a piece of literature and compare characters from more than one work, we need some vocabulary to use in describing them. There are many different terms used for this, covering all sorts of details about the characters. Here are the three most important aspects of literary characterization you need to understand.

Round vs. Flat

Some characters in a story we get to ‘know’ well. We learn what they look like, their backstories [history before the narrative opens], even what they want and why they do what they do. Usually these are the most important characters, for sure, but not always. Any character we learn much about is called ’round’. Other characters who inhabit the story without letting us get to know them well are called flat.

It is very unusual to have a flat character as one of the main characters. Some depth of characterization is absolutely necessary if we are to learn to care about a character very much! On the other hand, we don’t NEED to know the motivation of a character that enters the story only briefly.

Dynamic vs. Static

All great stories are about change – things learned, characters refined, decisions made. You can be assured that your most important characters are dynamic – they change or cause change in others. Static characters, in contrast, do not change. Static characters have their places, but are almost never the central character[s] in the story.

Look for changes in characters, and the REASONS for those changes, and you will find the essential points of the story.


There are some characters we know enough about JUST because of their profession – the prissy librarian, the jovial barkeep, the sweet granny, the serious judge. These stereotypical ‘Stock’ characters are very useful in story writing – they don’t need a lot of description.

A developed character is one that the writer builds, sometimes beginning with a stock character, but then going deeper, farther into his personality and motivations. Quite often unexpected facets added to a stock character make for delightful, fascinating people in a tale.

Major Characters


The protagonist [or occasionally protagonists] is our central, sympathetic character. To figure out which IS the protagonist, ask yourself two simple questions:

  1. Whose story IS it? Which character matters most to us? Who do we care the most about?
  2. Which character makes the fateful decision or takes the fateful action that brings the conflict to climax [and then inevitably to resolution]?

When analyzing this character be sure to make notes about the following:

  • Motivation – What does the protagonist want/need/have to achieve?
  • Conflict – What is in the way? What does the protagonist THINK is in the way?
  • Changes – How does the protagonist change – physically and/or in personality?
  • Decisions – Which decision[s] was/were pivotal to the climax?


The antagonist is the character, or force that opposes then motivation of the protagonist. Record these things as you analyze:

  • Description
  • Personality [if there is one]
  • Motivation[s]

 More People Than Ever Ditching Their Jobs and Going Freelance

A noticeable shift is happening in the business world. While companies look to outsource some of their work to freelancers, which threatens future job prospects along with job security for their existing workforce, more employees than ever are leaving to freelance, or are at least thinking about it.

This should be cause for concern to employers looking for a high-quality team of long-term employees.

What is the Trigger Encouraging Employees to Seek Other Options?

Cutbacks, a series of layoffs, and outsourcing has made it clear to former corporate lifers that while companies demand loyalty, often they fail to offer it to their employees.

Shareholders come first when hard times hit, spurring layoffs rather than accepting a short-term fall in profits. This makes it evident where their employer’s priorities truly lie; “We want you until it’s inconvenient; then we don’t need you anymore”. And workers are listening.

Why Didn’t This Movement Start Sooner?

While many people consider starting their own business – whether a full-blown business with plans for a substantial workforce and rapid growth or as a freelance solopreneur – it hasn’t been that accessible previously.

To start a business costs a considerable sum of money. When employees are saddled with a house and car payments, perhaps some kids and a partner, starting their own business was seen more as an ill-advised risk. Even a luxurious indulgence with other employees looking on wistfully when they saw a former co-worker make the move. The feeling was often that it was safer huddled inside the company for security than risk going it alone.

So, What’s Changed?

The internet and to some extent, globalisation.

The Internet

With the rapid increase in internet usage, it’s opened new business opportunities. Freelancing doesn’t look as scary as it once did. As more employees consider it and talk to people who’ve already made the leap successfully, it seems less daunting to follow suit.

The final straw is often a deep level of dissatisfaction in their job and/or the company they work for; a promotion that never happened; a series of pay rises that haven’t kept up with the true cost of living; co-workers who they’d rather not have to work with. Take your pick.


Globalisation also is a factor. While it means there’s greater competition and the added risk of an employer outsourcing their job or replacing them with a foreign employee paid half their salary, it also has positive implications too. As businesses and tasks have gone online, more companies are willing to work with individuals to save on costs.

A freelancer can provide a more personalised service than a larger agency or has more specialisation than a company can deliver in-house. The opportunity pool has grown substantially along with the access to markets across the world.

Is Being a Freelancer Healthier for You?

The healthier aspect has often been mentioned both by people already independent and those who were strongly considering it. Things like spending a lot of time on daily commutes, limited time to relax or de-stress from the work week, and a dependence on convenience foods were key motivators.

Interestingly, of those surveyed on behalf of FreshBooks, over half had become healthier as a result of the move from a regular job. Not only that, but 71 percent reported being happier in their new career versus 61 percent in a job.

Most people surveyed who considered self-employment felt that it was going to require them to work longer and harder. However, this didn’t seem to deter that many people.

What Type of Work is Open to Freelancers?

There are many types of freelancers. However, freelancing does tend to attract many programmers and creatives who produce graphic design, photography and other useful work.

For the programmer, they often enjoy picking their projects and working hours to suit them. At times idiosyncratic, the typical anti-social nature of coders is better suited to online projects either solo or with collaborators which doesn’t require a corporate overseer. As the thinking goes, if the work isn’t inspiring in the corporate world, maybe they can cherry pick more interesting projects out in the real world. That may or may not be true, however, as that’s somewhat idealised thinking without the pressure of business and personal expenses to be covered.

For creatives, they find it difficult to locate jobs where they can explore their creativity fully. It also makes little sense in their minds to produce logos for design clients of their employer when they can produce them through their own design agency or as a freelancer for hire on individual design projects.

What Online Platforms Support Freelancers?

While there are freelancers who like to do everything themselves, mostly they prefer to focus on their own business or client work and leave the platforms to others.

The trend has been to use portfolio platforms to show their photography, graphic design and other work to potential clients and not try to product their own site alone. Mindful of the limited time in the day, freelancers wish for their work to look its best but to not get bogged down on the technical side if it’s not already their strong suit, e.g. a web developer.

Format is one such portfolio platform where freelancers can show their work. They have themes to choose from for a standalone website to show their portfolio in the best light. Each site is heavily customisable and easy to use. A freelancer can save considerable time getting started by showing previous work from side hustles while they were still employed.

For people thinking about freelancing or who’ve made the jump, looking professional to contacts without it costing the earth is important. They need to gain some momentum fast or they never get off the ground. Streamlining the setup process without sacrificing the presentation of their portfolio in a classy way is paramount to put their best foot forward.

Many former employees often end up freelancing or producing independent projects for their former employer. This is the best of both worlds as it provides the new freelancer with a stream of steady income and the former employer retains their talents under a new structure.


Plaster Ceiling Or a Tin Tile Ceiling

There are a number of different options available for ceilings. You can opt for a plain ceiling with little life if your not looking to have a stand out ceiling or steal attention away from other focal points in the room. You can choose a more artistic approach being tin ceiling tiles, which are a beautiful option or you can choose a more medium approach in ceiling plaster commonly known as “popcorn”.

With every product on the market there are ups and downsides to everything. For most it boils down to what fits their needs the most. In homes with lower ceilings or visit:- non-vaulted ceilings, it is typical not to see much design because it closes the room. There is nothing wrong with not have any “eye candy” on the ceiling but it is a lost opportunity if you don’t.

On the other hand, most homes with raised or vaulted ceilings you will find some form of decoration on the ceilings. More often than not you will find one of two types. The popcorn plaster ceiling or tin ceiling tiles. Both have their place and their advantages. One may be a better aesthetic fit for some while others choose the opposite.

Ceiling plaster is a viable option in that it is not very difficult to apply but it should be done by a professional because you could possible ruin other furniture or appliances in the room if done incorrectly. Ceiling plaster is most often applied on ceilings with very little to no imperfections. Reason being is that if there are for example dents, holes, or stains on the ceiling then these issues must be resolved prior to application or they will be noticed or even cause further complications post application.

Tin ceiling tiles for most offer much more flexibility. Your ceiling does not have to be in perfect shape for them to be applied. In fact, tin ceiling tiles conceal imperfections without having to correct them prior to installation. This is one of the main reasons why people choose tin tiles. They are no more difficult to install than the application of plaster accept tin tiles don’t drip.

These tiles offer the most flexibility amongst all ceiling types. They come in just about any color imaginable so yes you can color coordinate them with the rest of your room or even your entire home. If you have a favorite pattern that you have always liked, then you can actually have your tiles custom made. If not, don’t fret, there are hundreds of patterns to choose from that will surely meet your needs. Plaster ceilings only require dusting every now and then but if they ever get wet you will be looking at some serious repair costs while tin tiles are water and heat proof and actually provide you with an increased property value.

Types of Barn Door Hardware Available in the Market

It is a trend today to save space in the home. Traditional doors have been used for a long time, but take up a lot of space, which can get in the way sometimes. Because most people do not live in mansions, they find that the space used when opening or closing a door eats up a lot of space in their homes. Do you find this to be a problem as well? If you had to look for solutions, what would you look for? Chances are, you would look for a door that would slide open, look nice and go with the décor in your home. Why barn doors? Because the door you choose would not have to open up the traditional way, but can be slid across the wall where it is hung. You are certainly in luck, because companies have seen this trend as well, making high quality, attractive barn doors and barn door hardware that you can put in your home to save space and make a fashion statement.

There are many types of hardware on the market. You can either find these products online or offline in a traditional store, with each method having their unique benefits. When buying online, you can get a custom package without having to leave the comfort of your own home. The prices you may find online may be affordable, or they may be extremely expensive, depending on where you look. This allows for different types of budgets, which is very beneficial during this economy. Shipping is usually free of charge and you can most likely put together the doors on your own without too many problems. On the other hand, buying offline can give you a chance to physically see and feel the products before you buy, ensuring you get the type of product you are looking for. You can also talk face to face with a sales representative with any questions or concerns that you may have, getting the answers right away. This is especially important to do before you lay down your credit card.


There are many varieties of barn doors and hardware on the market. You can find elegant hardware, made with a modern rolling wooden wheel, which has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds known for its smooth operation. This hardware is silent, best used in applications where silence is an absolute necessity. If you are looking for standard finishes, you may purchase ready-made hardware, and get them in a fraction of the time it may take for custom built hardware. Shipping times will be in about 7 to 10 days after the order has been placed, but this may be extended up to 10 to 14 days when ordering custom-designed finishes.

Another popular hardware finish is the nylon based finish, which is extremely durable and perfect for use on exterior applications. The premium nylon wheel is resistant to many environmental factors, like extreme cold and heat, and it is available in standard or stainless steel. The standard track length is six feet, but you can request different sizes according to your requirements.

The Top 3 Reasons Should Consider Certificate Programs

Like many professionals, you’ve probably thought about going back to school at one time or another, especially if you were considering ways to increase your earning potential. While money is a big reason, if not the biggest reason, to pursue additional schooling, it often doesn’t sustain you unless there are other, deeper reasons for going back to school. In other words, something has to inspire you to commit. Here are the top three reasons (other than money) that you should consider certificate programs.

#1: It’s a Confidence Booster

Are you concerned about the direction of your career or lack thereof? Have you been thinking about taking some classes to increase your skills on the job? Certificate programs are actually a great way to boost your confidence on the job by helping you brush up on your skills and/or providing you with the necessary foundation to perform your best on the job. mua bang trung cap A sense of accomplishment is always a healthy boost to one’s confidence, not to mention what the diploma can do for your career.

#2: It’s a Means to Move Up

As shocking as it is to admit, money isn’t everything. And as comforting as it may sound to stay in the same job year after year, for many people, maybe even you, it just doesn’t feel as good as progressing professionally. Certificate programs can afford you the opportunity to move up. With access to the most current industry information, and not to mention interacting with some of the top professionals in your field, you too will be on the path to becoming an expert in your field and potentially move up in your company. In fact, studies show that some careers tend to benefit more from earning a diploma. Specifically, individuals such as administrative assistants, computer programmers, and electrical technicians have all been known to benefit from earning a diploma in their fields.

#3: It’s Not the Commitment You Think It Is

Oftentimes, one of the biggest things holding someone back from continuing their education with one of a variety of certificate programs is time. No one has time to go back to school, they think. But the truth of the matter is that it’s not the commitment that you think it is. Unlike with degree programs, in many cases it only takes a year or two to earn a diploma and it may even take less time if you’ve previously taken classes that are transferable. So in as little as a year, you could be looking at more professional opportunities for advancement all because you decided to take a class or two after work. What’s more is that many schools offer online programs, which can really make it easier for you to pursue a diploma in no time